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Turnkey solution for online travel agency


Turnkey solution for travel agency

Minimum price: 600 €
The price includes:
  • 1 year site hosting according to the tariff "mini"
  • Graphic template with possibility to customize colors, backgrounds and styles
  • Content Management System
  • Technical support
  • Backup

The main features of the site travel agency

Ready site travel agency is a collection of a large number of modules, to solve various problems in the tourism sector work:

  1. Excursions: excursions management directory, binding excursions to geographical coordinates, the automatic booking excursions, comfortable and customizable search filters, customer reviews.
  2. Hotels: full automated online hotel reservation system, import / export price lists of hotels in XML / XLS format, search filters, unlimited options and hotel rooms, the voting members, affiliate tags (ability to set special prices for partners).
  3. Transfers: accounting system orders, automatic calculation of the transfer fee on the basis of the route, the possibility of a combined payment (advance online collection, and the residue & mdash; the driver in cash).
  4. Car Rental: your whole fleet will be represented in the database, there is no need to monitor the presence of vehicles (the system itself blocks the days during which the vehicle is not available), payment may be carried out by any available means, the administrator immediately notified about the availability of new orders, the ability to automatically fill and printing of the lease.
  5. Real estate: the implementation of all functions for the sale / lease Property, binding objects to geographic coordinates, advanced search filters, global change parameters, import / export in XML format.
  6. Orders: Orders of any services your agency can be carried out with the help of the basket (payment is made once for several services), as well as single order; generating and sending by an email invoices, vouchers, contracts; change or the creation of orders from the control panel, notification email.
  7. Mailing: create templates of letters to send to customers, promotions, news.
  8. Settings: the ability to add / disable modules, settings, styles, languages, currencies, payment methods, user rights.

Examples of completed projects


Easy implementation of the necessary modules

As part of our platform are the most needed modules for productive work of your travel agency.

  modul "Transfers" allows customers to order and pay online transfers
  modul "Excursions" It provides an opportunity not only inform customers with a catalog of your excursions, and book tours, pay excursions online, makes it easier to search for clients
  modul "Hotels" It provides a wide range of functions necessary for you to work with an unlimited number of hotels
  modul "Real Estate" useful to those agencies, which in addition to providing tourist services if services of the real estate
  modul "Car rental" needs for agencies involved in car rentals

An excellent platform for your website

We offer you a fully ready automated sites of travel agencies.

To be always up to date news

Do not forget to advise your client on the flow of new products.
Set your site on a regular notice of regular customers on receipt of interesting proposals.
This will help you quickly draw attention to innovations.
A pleasant surprise for the customer will be discounts and special offers.
Create interest discounts, bonus programs or the system of coupons that give discounts.
Increasing sales is not long to wait.



Demo version

Control Panel Demo version

Here you can create the site of travel agency for free, set up a template of your site, and start working.