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Ready hotel system

We offer turnkey automated hotel website.

Turnkey solution for hotel website

Minimum price: 1000 €
The price includes:
  • 1 year site hosting according to the tariff "normal"
  • Graphic template with possibility to customize colors, backgrounds and styles
  • Content Management System
  • Reservation module
  • Technical support
  • Backup

What is a turnkey solution for hotel website on SARTUS platform?

Our platform has broad capabilities to automate that part of the hotel activity, which is associated with online booking rooms, transfer orders, online customer service, SEO optimization hotel website, content management site.
Ready site of hotel consists of two interconnected parts:

  • user part
  • the administrative part

User part - it is in fact himself at a site that has features such as online booking of rooms, booking and payment transfer online feedback form, photo gallery and video materials, news column, article, the vote on the site, comments, personal account, order history, basket, etc..

The administrative part - a control panel or administration panel, which is accessible only to employees of the hotel and the following tasks:

  1. Editing the contents of the user part (articles, news, page, photo, video, and so forth.)
  2. Rooms Database Management (descriptions, prices, photos, availability)
  3. Transfers Database Management (you can carry out a transfer only selected destinations or configure rules for any direction)
  4. Order management (viewing and changing rooms and transfers orders, print invoices, customer notification of order)
  5. Working with the customer database
  6. Mailing lists
  7. Viewing statistics of visits, orders
  8. Set up the different payment options (including credit card payments)
  9. Setting the set language versions, currency, letterhead, invoices, letters, templates
  10. User Management control panel (there is no limit on the number of users, the division of roles on the permissions individual access rights)

Examples of completed projects


Easy site management

Rate the intuitive interface a content management system.



Designed specifically for our customers content management system of the hotel website will not leave you indifferent.
Training of personnel will take a few minutes.
Delineation of the rights allows unlimited number of managers to work with control panel depending on their duties.


Convenient and easy payment methods

Simplicity and ease of ordering room - a distinct advantage of your hotel.

Payment Gateway

  The choice for the guests of the hotel are several ways to pay: on arrival, bank transfer, credit card or system PAYPAL.
  During the booking process the customer remained on your site and not redirected to a third-party service. As a result, increases the probability of the order room exactly in your hotel.
  Regular updating and adding new and useful functions.