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Creation of web pages

Web pages
  • Create your own online business card and always be in the spotlight.
  • Upload image galleries and video clips for more attractive.
  • Write news about yourself and your achievements.
  • Estimate adaptive design of the your website which is perfectly displayed on any devices.

Demo Version

Control Panel Demo Version

Our rates

Properties Normal Maxi Extra
Price / mon 250 руб
725 руб
1875 руб
The maximum number of languages 10 100 Unlimited
Disk space 1Gb 10Gb 100Gb
Backup 2 times per month 4 times per month every day
E-mail on your domain 5 e-mail addresses / 500Mb 10 e-mail addresses / 1Gb 100 e-mail addresses / 10Gb
Technical support answer by e-mail within 1-3 business days answer by e-mail within 1 business day answer by e-mail,skype within 1 business day
Connecting your own domain      
Image gallery      
Creating news      
Mailing to your customers