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Reliable Web Hosting

Having decided to create the site, you won't get to anywhere from need to select for it a worthy site where he will accommodate and will be available to all Internet users to select, in other words, for the site a hosting where your site will be placed.
Web hosting - rendering of services on operation and support of functioning of the internet applications and services connected to operation of the domain, by means of the server of a hoster connected to the Internet.
The hosting of the site is a basis on which your site and if a basis reliable, and to your site on it it is safe and comfortable is located. Initial formation and further development and growth of the site is impossible without qualitative hosting therefore selecting a basis for the site, treat it seriously.
Paid or free hosting? All beginning owners of the sites ask this delicate question. Free of charge in this case not always means that is bad. But for the commercial and volume sites it will be better to select inexpensive, but after all the paid version. Especially as even the most expensive rate of a paid hosting - not such huge money and if the site works stablly and reliably, these attachments will pay off repeatedly.
The most necessary support desks at a hosting consist in existence of such attributes as: support of the PHP language, management system MySQL database, convenient and clear control bar, periodic backup, exchange protocol of mail of POP3; IMAP; SMTP. Also important moment is responsiveness and quality of technical support, speed of the loaded pages and location of servers. There is a judgement that the data-centers located abroad, more safely. This stereotype developed not yesterday therefore costs and too to think of this moment in case of a hosting choice.
Today the most popular trend of the companies providing of IT service is a provision of the software on the servers with possibility of use of the different professionally developed applications. Here to you and hosting and that. support and absence of need of the order of development and creation of the web site, purchase and service of the software. In a word it is called as SAAS (from English software as a service) — the software as service. The essence is that the client only pays a monthly fee and doesn't worry about anything. Behind operability of all systems technology professionals of the company providing this service worry and at the client need to invest means in purchase of the expensive equipment and the software disappears. If this service will cease to meet your requirements, you can refuse service without losing thus investments which you made in development of own software. Very conveniently.
You can test such service on our Sartus platform, specially developed and ottestirovanny for the SAAS model.
Our platform is set of a number of the web applications created under different fields of activity. We tried to consider not only wishes of our customers, but also possibility of further extension of a functionality in the future. Our experts permanently work on making your work more productive and less wasteful.